Mood❣️ Keeping chic with my @nilandmon sweatshirt🖤  #ootd #thefashionstatement #sponsored

Mood❣️ Keeping chic with my...

Sunday Favorites: ripped jeans & sweatshirt ⚡️ (I’ve linked similar pieces to create the look) #liketkit #thefashionstatement

Sunday Favorites: ripped jeans &...

Got that Friday feeling! ❤️🧡💙 #thefashionstatement

Got that Friday feeling! ❤️🧡💙...

When stacks of laundry begin to pile up, @persilproclean has my back! 🧺#ad When you’re a mom of three kids who love playing sports and getting dirty, finding the best tough-stain-fighting detergent, isn’t easy. That’s why I chose Persil® ProClean® Laundry Detergent, because it leaves off a fresh scent and feeling to all of your clothes💙 Get it at @target and have laundry becomes less of a chore. #PersilLaundry

When stacks of laundry begin...

🎶Thanks to my @cavalieraudio Maverick speaker my time at the beach was the most enjoyable it could ever be! #ad It’s made of  leather & metal to get the perfect high quality design. Make the most of your moment and bring music to life with #CavalierAudio ❤️#RespectTheCraft #BeCavalier

🎶Thanks to my @cavalieraudio Maverick...

Beauty Sunday with my mini me! ❤️ 👯‍♀️ #partnerincrime 

Beauty Sunday with my mini...

Fall in San Diego 🍁🍂

Fall in San Diego 🍁🍂...

I took on the #JAFRAROYAL Revitalize 30 day challenge from @jafracosmetics💆🏻‍♀️ I‘ve noticed an improvement in the texture and quality of my skin. #ad Head over to my blog to learn how I boost my skin with Royal Jelly RJx. a technology, fountain of youth🌟 (direct link under bio👆🏻) #REVITALIZE

I took on the #JAFRAROYAL...

Any given fall day💙 
I’ve linked some cool combat boots!🥾 #thefashionstatement #liketkit #LTKshoecrush

Any given fall day💙 I’ve...

Because it’s always #betterbythebeach ❤️My wonderful staycation right by the ocean at @t23hotel is now live on The Fashion Statement! (link in bio👆🏻) #staycation #sponsored

Because it’s always #betterbythebeach ❤️My...



Hello, hope you’re enjoying a wonderful week!

Summer is just around the corner, and who could deny that during this season something that we really want to show is: a great tan!
It’s true that the sun provides us a certain amount of vitamin D, but also remember that the damage caused by the sun will accumulate. Then, in the future, you’ll notice fine lines, wrinkles, and spots appearing before their time, and worst of all, skin cancer. So it’s mandatory to take the necessary precautions before getting exposed to the sunlight.

Personally, I never lay in the sun, however I always wish to show a beautiful tan and nowadays you can make it possible with Blush Tan. To be honest this is my first time with spray tanning, and I can just say, thank you!! to Blush Tan for introducing me to this wonderful, organic, and totally safe method, because I loved the results!

Just before starting with the procedure I had a quick consultation with an expert to define the skin tone I wanted to get. She suggested the best option and solution according to my needs.

The whole process takes no more than 15 minutes. Can you believe that you could get a beautiful glow in that short period of time?!

The solution is applied for a professional female who takes care of every single detail to get a perfect result. You could wear a bathing suit, underwear, or even naked, hahaha. It’s totally up to you, the purpose is to make you feel comfortable all the time during the process.

It was a great airbrush experience, I highly recommend BlushTan to anyone with an upcoming event or simply to achieve a beautiful and natural summer glow. You’ll love the long lasting results!










I got many complements about my tan and how natural it looks. So from now on, when you see me with such a beautiful golden glow, you know my secret: BLUSHTAN !

Thanks for reading!




…your best moment to shine is now!

Tan: Blush Tan

*Special thanks to Blush Tan  for sponsoring this post!


¡Hola! Espero estés disfrutando de una maravillosa semana.

El verano está a la vuelta y quien puede negar que durante esta época, algo que realmente queremos lucir es: un buen bronceado.
Es verdad que el sol nos provee de cierta cantidad de vitamina D pero también es importante recordar que el daño causado por los rayos solares es acumulativo; por lo que con el paso del tiempo notarás líneas de expresión, arrugas y manchas que aparecerán antes de tiempo y en el peor de los casos cáncer de piel. Así que, es obligatorio tomar las precauciones necesarias antes de exponerse a los rayos del sol.

En lo personal nunca suelo asolearme, sin embargo siempre deseo mostrar un lindo bronceado y hoy en día es totalmente posible con Blush Tan.  Honestamente es mi primera vez en tratar el bronceado en spray y sólo puedo decir ¡gracias! a Blush Tan por introducirme este método maravilloso, orgánico y totalmente seguro, porque ¡amé el resultado!

Antes de comenzar con el procedimiento tuve una rápida consulta con una experta para definir el color de piel que quería obtener. Ella me sugirió la mejor opción y solución de acuerdo a mis necesidades.

Todo el proceso tiene una duración de no más de 15 minutos. ¿Puedes creer que puedes obtener un bello bronceado en tan poco tiempo?
La solucion es aplicada por un profesional del sexo femenino quien tiene cuidado de cada detalle en particular, para obtener el resultado perfecto. Puedes usar un traje de baño, ropa interior o inclusive desnuda jajaja. Es totalmente tu decisión. El propósito es hacerte sentir cómoda en todo momento durante el proceso.

Fue una gran experiencia, y recomiendo ampliamente Blush Tan ya sea que tengas un evento en puerta o simplemente para obtener un bello bronceado natural. ¡Te encantará el resultado!

Con cariño,


¡… tu mejor momento de brillar es hoy!



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Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!