Would you dare to leave your face to the hands of anyone? That’s a rhetorical question!🤔 That’s why I’m so happy that I let the experts take over. #ad
After being evaluated by a medical esthetician (Janne) at @lanoicosmeticderm I got a VI PEEL treatment, a chemical peel focused on evening the skin tone, treating the hyperpigmentation, dark spots or melasma💆🏻‍♀️ I will share my experience with this treatment and my pursuit for a baby’s butt like skin👼🏻 Stay tuned! “DM me for a 20% discount code”
#vaneberlinbeauty #vipeel *****
Después de ser evaluada por expertos me realice un tratamiento llamado VI PEEL, un peeling enfocado en combatir la pigmentación, manchas y el famoso paño. El objetivo es emparejar el tono de la piel. Estén pendientes, compartiré mi experiencia y mi deseo de lograr esa piel de pompi de bebé! #antiaging

Would you dare to leave...

#LoveYourPetDay 💘Only if you have a dog you can truly understand this incredible bond that exists between human and this creature!❤️🐶 #nationalloveyourpetday 
http://liketk.it/2A2DB  @liketoknow.it #liketkit *****
Solo si tienes un perro puedes entender el increíble lazo que existe entre el humano y esta criatura.

#LoveYourPetDay 💘Only if you have...

Funky, retro feel✌🏻 #thefashionstatement ☮️
Shop my look via the @liketoknow.it app (vaneberlin) http://liketk.it/2A0NL #liketkit #LTKunder100

Funky, retro feel✌🏻 #thefashionstatement ☮️...

This is no Fairy Tale Castle🏰 This architectural wonder is the San Diego Mormon temple. It’s in my neighborhood, so even though I’m not a Mormon, it was worth it to get some shots❣️🙌🏼 #sidewalkerdaily 
P.S you’re not allowed to go inside, unless you’re Mormon.
¡No es un castillo de cuento de hadas! Esta maravilla arquitectónica es el templo Mormón de SD. Está muy cerca de mi casa y aunque no soy mormón, valió la pena tomar unas fotos. (solo se permite la entrada al interior a los mormones)

This is no Fairy Tale...

Animal print in a bomber jacket?!🙀 Yes please!! I’ve gotten many compliments on it! It’s cozy & soft and it has pockets😻 Just linked it on @liketoknow.it (vaneberlin) http://liketk.it/2zWW8 #liketkit *****
¿Estampado de leopardo en una bomber? Si por favor! He recibido muchos halagos con esta chamarra. Es cómoda, suave y tiene bolsas.

Animal print in a bomber...


🌹🌹🌹 #thefashionstatement

Style your tweed blazer this winter. Start the transition into spring by wearing it with a floral dress.

Style your tweed blazer this...

💕I’m the kind of person who loves snacking throughout the day. But I mean, who doesn’t? #ad I’m always trying to find new and healthier options that I can keep inside of my bag, for those snack cravings. I tried @eatbobos and they’re delicious, and super convenient. Coconut is my favorite!🥥 My family enjoys their variety of flavors. So now Bobo’s is our way to go #WhereDoYouBobos
Suelo tener varios snacks durante el día. Eso si, siempre trato que sean opciones saludables y que pueda llevar a dondequiera que voy. Probé @eatbobos y están deliciosas. ¡La de coco es mi favorita!

💕I’m the kind of person...

#printmixing 🐆+• Leopard and polka dots will still have their moment during 2019! All dets on #thefashionstatement (link in bio) *****
El leopardo y los lunares seguirán estando presentes en 2019. Todos los detalles en The Fashion Statement (link en perfil)

#printmixing 🐆+• Leopard and polka...

This @toryburch skirt tho! Always in the mood for flirty & feminine pieces🖤 who’s with me?!
I linked it on the @liketoknow.it app (vaneberlin) http://liketk.it/2zPEN #liketkit #femininepieces
Siempre con ganas de llevar piezas femeninas🖤 ¿Quién se siente igual?

This @toryburch skirt tho! Always...


Pinitmeal prep san diego

Hello beauties! Are you ready for the holidays?!  Are you aware of all the food and delicious treats that you will probably have, that come along with all the celebrations? The idea of eating healthy might not be something that you would like to hear at this time of the year. Alright, I totally encourage you to enjoy every single celebration and mouthful because it’s acceptable to break the diet during such important dates. So enjoy it to the fullest because you will definitely need to be back on track after the holidays in order to stay in shape. For all the people who live in San Diego, I have great news for you! Meal Prep Sunday San Diego will take care of you! What?! I know that you are asking yourself what the heck I’m talking about. Well keep reading:

Have you ever thought about getting fresh meals delivered right to your door? How many of you, due to the hectic pace of life, don’t have the time to cook and end up eating unhealthy or fast food? However, we all have the desire to maintain the figure and/or lose those extra pounds that make us feel insecure. Well let me tell you a little bit about my specific situation:
I‘m a pretty busy and active woman with a very tight schedule, my life is always up and down. Being a wife, mother of three, and a working girl, is not always easy and most of the time, sometimes it’s necessary for me to eat in my car or bring my meals with me because I’m always on a rush. I love working out to maintain my figure, staying healthy and fit is always one of my main goals to achieve. But you know that the key to achieve it is by having a healthy and balanced diet and of course moving your body and staying active. When I first heard about the possibility to get meals delivered to your home, I was really curious about it. For me, sticking to a diet is tough or almost impossible because it’s hard for me to commit and I’m not wanting to lose weight, instead, I’d prefer to get toned and fit, with an athletic body. Can you relate? My main purpose is to look fit without having to say goodbye, completely, to sweets and fats. After checking Meal Prep Sunday San Diego and realizing all the benefits that I can obtain by trying their customized meal prep plan totally designed by known trainers and industry experts, I immediately thought that this is exactly something that could work for me and my lifestyle.

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Pinitmeal prep san diego

The entire process is very simple, you just go online and find your personalized meal plan by setting your age, sex, weight, activity level, and your specific and personal fitness goals. And that’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your meals that will be delivered every Sunday afternoon. You can choose between these plans, according to your budget and the specific necessities, breakfast-lunch-dinner, lunch and dinner, or only lunch. I tried the program for 4 weeks (breakfast and lunch) and believe me when I say that the portions were perfect for me and the meals were all tasty and full of flavor because they use quality ingredients to provide the perfect fresh meals delivered to you.

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Pinitmeal prep san diego

I’m in favor of that quote, “you are what you eat.” So think of this meal prep San Diego as one of the best investments you can do, besides, you will save money from grocery shopping and also time that is used washing dishes because every container where food is stored is microwave safe, perfect for on-the-go. This service is not only for those who are looking to lose weight, but for everybody who is looking for a balanced and healthy diet to maintain good health and body shape.

Pinitmeal prep san diego

Achieve one of your new year’s resolutions and start 2018 in a healthy way. It’s time to change those unhealthy habits, no matter how busy you are, give your body a nutritious and balanced diet. Not only will you look fit and lean, you will feel energetic when consuming the right amount of sugar and fats that your figure requires.

Go ahead and check out Meal Prep Sunday San Diego , they will guide you into the process and recommend you exercises and give you tips to accelerate the results and achieve your commitment.
Remember guys, there’s a deep connection about how you look and how you feel and eating healthy is the beginning of a balanced and happy lifestyle!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

…your best moment to shine is now!


*Special thanks to Meal Prep Sunday San Diego  for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!


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Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!