#LoveYourPetDay 💘Only if you have a dog you can truly understand this incredible bond that exists between human and this creature!❤️🐶 #nationalloveyourpetday 
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Solo si tienes un perro puedes entender el increíble lazo que existe entre el humano y esta criatura.

#LoveYourPetDay 💘Only if you have...

Funky, retro feel✌🏻 #thefashionstatement ☮️
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Funky, retro feel✌🏻 #thefashionstatement ☮️...

This is no Fairy Tale Castle🏰 This architectural wonder is the San Diego Mormon temple. It’s in my neighborhood, so even though I’m not a Mormon, it was worth it to get some shots❣️🙌🏼 #sidewalkerdaily 
P.S you’re not allowed to go inside, unless you’re Mormon.
¡No es un castillo de cuento de hadas! Esta maravilla arquitectónica es el templo Mormón de SD. Está muy cerca de mi casa y aunque no soy mormón, valió la pena tomar unas fotos. (solo se permite la entrada al interior a los mormones)

This is no Fairy Tale...

Animal print in a bomber jacket?!🙀 Yes please!! I’ve gotten many compliments on it! It’s cozy & soft and it has pockets😻 Just linked it on @liketoknow.it (vaneberlin) http://liketk.it/2zWW8 #liketkit *****
¿Estampado de leopardo en una bomber? Si por favor! He recibido muchos halagos con esta chamarra. Es cómoda, suave y tiene bolsas.

Animal print in a bomber...


🌹🌹🌹 #thefashionstatement

Style your tweed blazer this winter. Start the transition into spring by wearing it with a floral dress.

Style your tweed blazer this...

💕I’m the kind of person who loves snacking throughout the day. But I mean, who doesn’t? #ad I’m always trying to find new and healthier options that I can keep inside of my bag, for those snack cravings. I tried @eatbobos and they’re delicious, and super convenient. Coconut is my favorite!🥥 My family enjoys their variety of flavors. So now Bobo’s is our way to go #WhereDoYouBobos
Suelo tener varios snacks durante el día. Eso si, siempre trato que sean opciones saludables y que pueda llevar a dondequiera que voy. Probé @eatbobos y están deliciosas. ¡La de coco es mi favorita!

💕I’m the kind of person...

#printmixing 🐆+• Leopard and polka dots will still have their moment during 2019! All dets on #thefashionstatement (link in bio) *****
El leopardo y los lunares seguirán estando presentes en 2019. Todos los detalles en The Fashion Statement (link en perfil)

#printmixing 🐆+• Leopard and polka...

This @toryburch skirt tho! Always in the mood for flirty & feminine pieces🖤 who’s with me?!
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Siempre con ganas de llevar piezas femeninas🖤 ¿Quién se siente igual?

This @toryburch skirt tho! Always...

After too much rain, the sun finally came out in San Diego👏🏻☀️🕺🏽// Shop my look via the @liketoknow.it app http://liketk.it/2zMMa #liketkit 
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Después de tanta lluvia, finalmente salió el sol en SD!

After too much rain, the...


PinitSkinn Cosmetics
Hello beauties!

It’s time to pamper ourselves and talk about beauty! YAAY! I consider myself a skin care fanatic, and the main reason is because I really enjoy the process of applying my beauty products. It’s a delightful time when I can really enjoy myself, as well as an opportunity to reduce the daily stress while feeding my skin.

I want to quickly share an interesting experience. A couple of days ago I was at a family and friends lunch and during the conversation, some kind of debate arose between the women present. The topic was regarding self-esteem, beauty hacks, body insecurities, etcetera… It was very entertaining to talk about a matter that concerns every, if not most, women. During the conversation someone said a unique argument, to sum it up, she basically talked about how you can’t stop time and for that, it’s not very important to worry about aging, because it’s an inevitable fact. She mentioned that she pays more attention to other parts of her body, instead of only spending money on a bunch of products, not knowing whether they are effective or not. She clearly said that she found that totally worthless and superficial. Kind of got on my nerves (totally kidding) because I’m really passionate about those topics, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than helping women discover their strengths and maximize their impact, in order to feel beautiful and confident. (if you, the person who I’m referring to here, is reading this, you know that I love you girl! haha).

I gave her, and all the other members involved in the conversation, my point of view. I definitely think and stick with the motto that cultivating and loving your body is as important as cultivating your soul, your entire self. It’s totally proven that there’s a deep connection between how you look and how you feel, and I think there’s nothing superficial about making yourself feel good. In the end, that balance is what makes you feel confident and beauty will naturally flow and be reflected from the inside out! Showing the best version of you. It’s so true that you can’t stop time, we can’t pause our biological watch, even though a lot of us wish we could, and it’s great to grow, but it’s good to grow gracefully, not passively! Your effort of being fit, having beautiful hair, pretty nails won’t be worth it if you forget your complexion, which should be part of the package. It’s part of the investment. Overall, it’s always great to know different points of views and as a beauty advisor, I love sharing the experience I’ve gained through the time of testing different products and treatments to maintain and improve the quality of the skin.

So on that, I would like to introduce you to a skin care line that has perfectly fit into my daily skin care routine. Skinn Cosmetics.  I have tried 3 of their star products ( Collagenesis® PEP40 Sérum, Crème Riche, and their new Serum Eye) for a month now. There are two main reasons that made me decide to stick with them and incorporate them into my beauty regime:

  1. I totally relate with the Skinn Cosmetic’s motto: “What Counts is Inside.” This is so true, especially in a saturated market such as the skin care industry, where the variety of products are endless. It’s a fact that having luxurious and expensive packaging is wasteful if what comes on the inside is lack of quality. Their founder, Dimitri James, a well-known esthetician and makeup artist from the top world-recognized brands, has a clear mission supported by his 30 year-long career. He is committed to making women look and feel beautiful. I love that we share the same passion!

  2. Since the beginning of my career as a Fashion Consultant and beauty advisor, I’ve always had the dream to launch my own skin care line. In order to pursue my dream, I love studying and testing powerful, but most importantly, effective ingredients to help revert signs of aging, and improve the quality and texture of the skin. At this stage of my life, I’m more focused on anti-aging products, to maintain a youthful appearance. And science has proven that peptides, which you’ve probably heard about, are extremely helpful to diminish and manage wrinkles and encourage the collagen production. And you know what? Skinn Cosmetics PEP40 line is ultra rich in powerful peptides! To be more precise a 40% active peptide blend (that’s where their name, PEP40, comes from) along with natural ingredients and vitamins that promote elasticity and deeply nourish the skin.

PinitSkinn Cosmetics

In my opinion, the “perfect beauty routine” doesn’t exist, instead, you have to find the appropriate and the best skin care routine for you and your specific necessities, because what works for your friends, may not work for you. It’s important to be conscious of your skin type, your age, lifestyle etc… But whatever your beauty regime is, make sure to be consistent. Besides your deep clean face wash, always include an eye and facial serum, day and night cream, moisturizer, and your complexion will always be grateful.

PinitSkinn Cosmetics


I want to share these great products from Skinn Cosmetics, that I’m currently using on a regular basis:

To treat the delicate area around the eyes, I love Skinn’s brand new Collagenesis® PEP40 Sérum Eye. Besides its light texture that brings a fresh sensation, the container has an exclusive formula for the upper and lower lid, which is what makes this eye serum different.  I apply it twice a day, morning and night, using my ring finger around the eyes and emphasizing the orbital bones. This product is targeted to diminish puffiness, dark circles, and manage the crows feet that give us an older and tired appearance. In the morning, my skin looks literally more fresh and awake!

PinitSkinn Cosmetics

PinitSkinn Cosmetics


Followed by a deep clean face wash and toner, I apply the Collagenesis® PEP40 Sérum Riche, twice a day on my face, neck, and chest. As you probably know, a facial serum is important because it’s a more concentrated formula. And this peptide concentrated blend, deeply penetrates into the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.  I love its light texture that allows fast absorbing and since the temperatures are starting to rise, this serum is more than enough to keep my skin nourished during the day. I prefer applying only sunscreen and foundation when required and skip the moisturizer. This sérum has become a perfect fit into my lifestyle.

PinitSkinn Cosmetics

PinitSkinn Cosmetics

An essential part of my beauty regime is my Collagenesis® PEP40 Crème Riche. I have incorporated this exquisite formula that provides an intense hydration to my skin. It’s a creamy, fresh texture that absorbs quickly and it’s perfect to use in the morning and night. For me, this is a daily treatment that delivers anti-aging benefits to the skin. I apply it in a circular motion for better penetration.

PinitSkinn Cosmetics

PinitSkinn Cosmetics


What are the benefits that I have noticed after using Skinn Cosmetics PEP40 line?


After a continuous use of the products for a month. I have noticed that despite the daily rush and stress caused by my hectic pace of life, my complexion looks great. It’s more even, smooth, and firm. I especially love how the appearance of pores have diminished.  Skinn Cosmetics PEP40 line has been a great addition to my skin care routine, it’s everything I need. A formula that restores and enhance the skin’s natural beauty. I’m feeling beautiful, radiant and confident! Ready to give my all into my job and enjoy life to the fullest!

To wrap this up, I just want to remind you that you are beautiful and you have to celebrate that everyday.  Your skin is the wrapping of your body, love it and treat it like a jewel that needs special care in order to glow!  because your best moment to shine is now!

PinitSkinn Cosmetics






*Special thanks to Skinn Cosmetics, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!