Monday Blues💙 #happyweek

Monday Blues💙 #happyweek

Turning that summer mode on🤗#firstdayofsummer 🌊#hellosummer *****
¡Activando el modo de verano!

Turning that summer mode on🤗#firstdayofsummer...

Elevating my black & white outfit with statement pieces🖤 This look is now up on  The Fashion Statement (link in bio👆🏻) My top is 65%off! #blackandwhiteoutfit
Realzando mi look en blanco y negro con prendas llamativas.

Elevating my black & white...

Got that summer feeling💓 #countdown #summertime #assymetricaltop

Got that summer feeling💓 #countdown...

I have to accept that I have felt a love & hate relation with overalls through the years. However, I truly think they look quirky-cute💙 The key is to find a style that is flattering and works with your body type! I linked these flare #overalls and some others on the app (vaneberlin) #liketkit  #flarepants
Debo aceptar que he sentido una relación entre amor y odio con los overoles. Sin embargo, considero que son una prenda linda y original💙 La clave es encontrar un estilo que te favorezca y luzca apropiado a tu tipo de cuerpo.

I have to accept that...

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#ad Is your hair loosing...

⚫️ Polka dots are still one of the strongest trends! I linked some affordable dresses to be on point during the summer❣️ #liketkit #polkadotdress #summerdress #vaneberlinstyle
Los lunares o puntos continúan  muy en tendencia este verano! #estampados

⚫️ Polka dots are still...

#ad I have been a regular consumer of @v8juice and while shopping at #Walmart, I found their new V8+HYDRATE® beverage! It has natural electrolytes from veggies and is isotonic to replenish fluids and nutrients. I decided to try the Strawberry Cucumber flavor🍓🥒 I enjoyed it cold, it’s so delicious & refreshing! Not only that, it only has 45 calories, no sugar added nor artificial sweeteners and it’s gluten-free. Well, what else can I say, you should just try it out for yourself and you’ll see how good and hydrating this plant-powered beverage is. You will also love Coconut Watermelon and Orange Grapefruit. A great option to enjoy during the summer weather🤗 #V8HYDRATEatWalmart

#ad I have been a...

Had such a relaxing time💙 Escape the everyday at this place where water activities, delicious food and beautiful facilities will make a memorable vacation! #Escapetheeveryday #california #staycation #sponsored

Had such a relaxing time💙...

Do not disturb🤫 Relaxation session in process🧖🏽‍♀️ #escapetheeveryday  #livingmybestlife *****
No molestar. Sesión de relajación en proceso. #relajaciontotal

Do not disturb🤫 Relaxation session...



Hello! Wishing you a cozy and wonderful fall.

Today is one of those days that I have a full schedule, actually so happy for that. The weather around here is starting to get cooler, so I decided to wear something that keeps me warm and still looks classy.

I didn’t have enough time to choose my outfit because I was in a rush, ( that’s why my hair is  a little bit messy, Lol!) due the hectic pace of life. I am pretty sure that this happens to all women. For that reason I decided to wear black and white. You’ll never go wrong with this combination. I love how the contrast looks.
Simple and classic, each color is elegant and versatile.
The blazer works great to make the equipment fashionable. You can go with any kind of black slacks or black jeans. I love the leather detail on the knees of this pair of pants. Isn’t it cool?
To complement my outfit I choose this nice pair of heels with the two colors. To achieve  a more modern and interesting look, simply add something spicy and vibrant like an accessory (red bag, colorful shoes, scarf…)




Hope you guys like this look, and take a look around your wardrobe to find garments to mix and create a fantastic black and white look.


… Oh, I almost forgot!! Remember YOUR BEST MOMENT TO SHINE IS NOW! 🙂


I’m wearing: Zara top and slacks, Haute hippie blazer, Paris Hilton shoes and Boy Chanel Flap Bag.


Deséandoles que esta temporada de invierno este siendo maravillosa.
Hoy es uno de esos días en los que tengo una agenda completamente llena, en realidad, muy contenta por ello. El clima ya comienza a sentirse frío, por lo que decidí vestirme con algo que me mantenga abrigada pero que luzca con clase, elegante.
Por las prisas, debido al agitado ritmo de vida, (es por ello que llevo el pelo un poco alborotado, jaja) no tuve mucho tiempo de elegir mi outfit y estoy completamente segura que esto suele pasarnos a todas las mujeres. Por tal motivo opte por vestir de blanco y negro. Nunca te equivocarás con esta combinación, me encanta como luce el contraste. Es simple y clásico ya que cada color por si solo es elegante y muy versátil.
El saco funciona excelente para lograr que el look sea moderno, tiene un corte espectacular. Puedes usar cualquier tipo de pantalón de vestir negro o inclusive jeans negros. En especial me gusta mucho el detalle en piel, en la zona de las rodillas de estos pantalones, ¿original verdad?
Para complementar el conjunto, opte por unos tacones con ambos colores. Si quieres lograr un look mas interesante y moderno, añade algo diferente y en tono vibrante, cualquier tipo de accesorio (bolsa roja, zapatos coloridos o una mascada).


Espero les guste este look, tanto como a mi. Echa un vistazo en tu closet para encontrar prendas que puedas mezclar, y lograr un increíble outfit en blanco y negro….Besos


…Por cierto, ¡casi lo olvido 🙂 Recuerda: TU MEJOR MOMENTO PARA BRILLAR ES HOY!
Con cariño,


Look: Top y pantalón de Zara, saco de Haute hippie, zapatos Paris Hilton, Bolsa Chanel.

Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!


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Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!