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Hasta el próximo año Sr. Santa Claus👋🏻 Porque ya estoy lista para ir con todo este #2020 ⁣⁣ ¡Mis mejores deseos!⁣
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Feeling a little blue😜💙
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I recommend you try it out for yourself so you can end the year with the brightest glow💫⁣
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7 Low-Budget Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Family

This time of the year is here! Especially if you’re a student, this is the time of the year you’ve probably been anxiously anticipating for a while now. I know my kids have for sure. Summer! Probably one of the most joyful times in the calendar as I’ve noticed. You know, there’s something about the sun finally being out and the weather being nice enough to be at the beach or the pool that makes everyone smile. Now, I know that for me, summer can get a bit stressful. Since my three kids no longer have school then that means a loud and sometimes chaotic household. Not only that, but I tend to feel pressured to come up with activities that we can all do as a family to pass time and have fun. I’m sure that if you’re a mom, you can somehow relate to this. It’s important to keep the kiddos moving and get their minds off just technology during the summer. So that’s why I had the idea to share with you 7 low-budget and even FREE summer activities you can do with your family and friends to make the most out of the season without having to empty out your wallet.

• Plan A Picnic:

Picnics are one of my all-time favorite things to do. They are so simple to put together yet I always have a good time. For instance, get a group of friends together and whether it’s at the park, beach, rooftop, or even backyard, make or buy some of your favorite snacks and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.  Here are some things you may need to make your picnic truly the best it can be:  Picnic blanket , picnic basket , portable grill, and of course, your favorite food!

low budget summer activities• Camping:

Whether it’s going to a local formal campsite or even in your own backyard, it’s never a bad idea to grab a tent and sleep outdoors. I think that this is especially a fun activity if you have kids because it can build up some excitement to be doing something different outdoors. Not only that, but it also allows for some time to put away those electronics and enjoy some time together. If you are looking for a tent, here is an option that you could take a look at. Make sure to also grab a bunch of blankets, pillows, and snacks to make the experience truly unforgettable.

low budget summer activities


• Baking Together:

I find that having my kids help me out with either baking or cooking, keeps them entertained. Try to create a cool challenge like who can decorate the best cake or who can come up with the best recipe. This can really be an ideal summer activity for those days when everyone is just kind of in that lazy mood.

low budget summer activities


• Go For A Sunset Walk

I’m so fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful place where the beach is just a couple of minutes away. Taking walks along the beach when the sun is going down whether it’s by myself or with someone else, is the perfect way to clear my head and just relax. Try taking a walk and admire god’s artwork. The beauty of taking walks right as the sun is setting is that the weather is also so nice and makes the experience overall therapeutic.

low budget summer activities
Drive-In Movies:

Now, I’m aware that this option may not be available to everyone. Many towns offer places where you can simply park your car and watch the movies they have to offer. This is really a cool and different experience that I feel is perfect to do during the summertime. Don’t forget to bring a blanket and your favorite snacks.

low budget summer activities
Game Night:

I feel like a lot of people tend to underestimate the fun and excitement of a family or friends game night. This is the perfect time to put all technology away and get out some of your favorite board games. Grab some snacks and game on, if you’re feeling wild and real competitive playing with your friends put some prices, coins in the middle, haha! Here are some of my favorite board games: Backgammon , dart games , Monopoly to mention a few.

low budget summer activities
Get To Know Your City:

Now I think this is a cool one. After we live in a place for long enough to be able to call it home, we almost begin to unappreciate its beauty. For instance, I live in San Diego. I’m aware that this place is gorgeous but after living here for a couple of years, I don’t take time to tour around my own city. So hop in the car and go to places around your town that you’ve never been to before. Think like a tourist!

Having fun doesn’t mean that you have to splurge daily. There are many activities that we often ignore which are totally free. Find beauty and excitement in the simple things. If you have any activities which you like to do with your family, I’d love to know about them. Just don’t forget to enjoy each other’s company, and Keep enjoying your summer!


 low budget summer activities

 Llego la tan esperada época del año. Esa temporada que se espera con ansia sobretodo si eres estudiante. Lo tengo claro porque así es como mis hijos esperan el verano!

 Probablemente una de las temporadas que más se disfruta. Ya sabes el sol, finalmente hace su aparición y el clima se pone muy agradable para disfrutar la playa o la alberca o simplemente vestir con ropa veraniega. 

 A veces el verano puede ser un poco estresante para quienes tenemos hijos, los cuales están impacientes por tener actividad y divertirse. Muchas veces las ocupaciones diarias o la falta de presupuesto pueden ser un obstáculo para programar un viaje. Como padres queremos alejar a nuestros hijos de estar todo el día pegados a los aparatos eléctricos.

 Pero para evitar el estrés y pasar un buen momento con la familia o amigos aquí les dejo algunas simples actividades de verano y lo más importante sin tener que gastar demasiado:

• Planear un picnic:

 Los picnics son una de mis actividades favoritas. Una muy simple y divertida idea para pasar el rato. Coordina un grupo de amigos y ubiquen el parque, playa, o la terraza de su preferencia. Compren botanas, comida y disfruten la compañía al máximo.


Ya sea que organices ir a un lugar especial para acampar o hazlo en tu propio jardin. Es muy divertido y sin duda un plan diferente. Consigue una tienda de campana, almohadas, botana, etc, veras que esto le gusta mucho sobretodo a los pequenos.

 Hacer pasteles, galletas:

Tener a los ninos ayudando en la preparacion de un pastel o galletas les resulta entretenido. Que tal hacer un reto de quien decora el mejor pastel o tiene la mejor receta. Una actividad apropiada para esos dias en donde gana la flojetra y simplemente no desean salir de casa.

•Caminita por la tarde:

 Me considero afortunada de vivir en tan bello lugar, San Diego, California, y tener la playa a unos cuantos minutos de casa. Las caminatas por la playa al caer la tarde son maravillosas pues se disfruta del lindo paisaje. Puedes hacerlo solo, simplemente para relajarte o en compañia.  Trata de tomar un paseo a pie con tus hijos y aprovechan platicar, contar anécdotas y hacer de este momento algo agradable.

• Autocinema

 Estoy consciente de que esta no es una opción disponible para todos. Sin embargo algunas ciudades ofrecen lugares en donde simplemente te estacionas, sacas tus palomitas y botana y disfrutas de una buena película. Esta es una actividad diferente y divertida para realizar durante el verano. Si no está disponible esta opción en tu área, rentar y un par de películas acompañadas de una buena botana siempre es una buena opción.

• Tarde de juegos:

 Por alguna razón olvidamos la diversión que causa una tarde de juegos ya sea con la familia o amigos. El momento ideal para dejar a un lado los celulares y poner sobre la mesa nuestros tableros, la botana y pasar un agradable momento. Si quieres ponerle emoción pues hagan sus apuestas, jaja!

• Conoce tu ciudad:

 Esta es una buena idea. Después de vivir por un tiempo en este paraíso que ahora llamo hogar, muchas veces se nos olvida apreciar su belleza. Cada ciudad tiene su propio encanto, asi que a treparse en el coche, camión, bici lo que prefieran y hagan un día de turismo por su ciudad.

Divertirse no implica tener que gastar todos los días. Hay muchas actividades que a veces olvidamos que son gratuitas y están al alcance de todos. Busca la belleza y diversión en las cosas simples. Cuéntame que actividades te gusta realizar en familia, me encantaría saber. Y por favor no te olvides disfrutar la compañía y ¡ A seguir disfrutando del verano!


Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!


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7 Low-Budget Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Family


Hello love! I'd love to keep you updated with all of my latest posts. Stay tuned with The Fashion Statement . xo!